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Which kind of container bag is more popular with customers

Let me tell you clearly that the durable container bag is highly praised by customers. The container bag is made of polypropylene as the main raw material, adding a small amount of stable adjuvant to mix evenly, extruding the plastic film through the extruder melting, cutting into silk, then stretching, making PP raw silk with high strength and low elongation through heat setting, then making the base cloth of plastic woven cloth through spinning and film coating, and sewing with sling and other accessories to make ton bag. The quality of container bag is very important. Therefore, in the international market, there are strict standards for containerized bags. The focus of the standard is different. Japan pays attention to details, Australia pays attention to forms, and European community standards pay attention to product performance and technical indicators. The United States and Europe have strict requirements for containerized bags in terms of UV resistance, anti-aging and safety factor. 

"Safety factor" is the ratio between the maximum bearing capacity of the product and the rated design load. It mainly depends on whether the contents and bag body are abnormal and whether the connection is damaged after several times of contents are loaded in the container bag and repeatedly lifted. In the same standards at home and abroad, the setting of safety factor is generally 5-6 times. Five times the safety factor of the container bag products can be used safely for a longer time. It is an indisputable fact that the application range of the container bag is wider and the competitiveness is stronger if the anti ultraviolet additive is added.
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