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What kind of flexible container is good for bearing

Flexible containerized bag is a new type of packaging container, which has not been published for a long time, but has developed rapidly. How can our customers choose the bags with good load-bearing? 

1、 First of all, we should look at the base cloth and sling used in flexible container bags. The percentage of materials containing masterbatch is different. The higher the masterbatch is, the lower the strength is, the smaller the tensile force is, and the worse the bearing capacity is.
2、 Secondly, the design method of flexible container bag sling is different, and the bearing capacity is different. Generally, it can be divided into four corner span angle half sling type, with the bearing capacity suitable for less than one ton; the bottom type bearing capacity suitable for more than one ton.
3、 In addition, the production process of flexible container bags is related to the load-bearing of bags. The better the process sewing is, the general quality of bags produced according to national standards is guaranteed. The strength and toughness of the sewing thread, the situation of needle skipping and thread breaking in the production process of the sewing thread, or repeated sewing and other situations will have a certain impact on the load-bearing of the bag.
Therefore, when we choose flexible container bags, we must choose our own needs reasonably according to our own actual needs and based on the principles of environmental protection, non waste and safety.
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