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What is PP recycled particle

Now, some businesses use PP plastic to produce tons of bags, which has a good response. But many friends don't know what is PP plastic recycled particles. Let's briefly say that the recycled particle propylene is a nontoxic, odorless and tasteless milky white crystal polymer with high crystallinity and regular structure, so it has excellent mechanical properties, such as yield, stretching, compression strength and hardness The degree of elasticity is higher than HDPE. Its application mainly includes the following four aspects: during the use, loading, handling and storage of T-Bag, it is inevitable to encounter bumps, scratches, resulting in T-Bag cracks, or burst bags. What kind of adhesive should be used to fix T-Bag? Dongxing Plastic Group believes that chemical fiber fabric can be mended with hy-t160 glue, features: water resistance, good aging resistance, large initial adhesion, strong final adhesion, and use Convenient. The adhesive film is flexible, impact resistant and vibration resistant, with wide adhesion. 
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