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How to prevent and prevent the static electricity in the process of packaging and transportation

1. The package shall be controlled to avoid static electricity. For example, when handling flammable liquid, it is necessary to limit its violent shaking in the packaging barrel, control its loading and unloading mode, prevent different oil products from leaking and mixing, and prevent water and air from entering the steel barrel.
2. Take measures to make the generated static electricity escape as soon as possible to avoid accumulation. For example, install a good grounding device on the handling tools, increase the relative humidity of the workplace, lay conductive floor on the ground, spray conductive paint on some tools, etc.
3. Add a certain amount of counter charge to the charged body to avoid the rise of static voltage (such as inductive electrostatic neutralizer).
4. In some cases, the accumulation of static electricity is inevitable, and the rapid rise of static voltage may even generate static sparks. At this time, measures should be taken to prevent the explosion accident even though it is discharged. For example, the storage space of flammable liquid is filled with inert gas, equipped with alarm device and efficient exhaust device, so that the flammable gas or dust in the air can not reach the explosion limit.
5. In places with fire and explosion hazards, such as chemical dangerous goods storage places, workers wear conductive shoes and static work clothes, etc., and eliminate static electricity brought by human body in time. Electrostatic hazards related to container bags and the use of anti-static container bags.
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